Watch out for Steel Pipe looters

Steel pipes for saleA Pennsylvania man tried stealing $40,000 worth of steel pipes from a construction site in Hampden Township, but was caught, arrested, and now sits in Cumberland County Prison on $25,000 monetary bail. The investigation found that Aaron David Babner was charged with theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property, according to police and a report in The Sentinel.

This is just one instance of someone trying to steal steel pipes to sell for scrap. Instances like this happen all over the country, and like this man, they often times get caught. But some don’t.

Scrapyard managers should pause for caution when someone suspicious is trying to turn in steel piping for scrap cash. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, which mean more worksite thefts have been happening including people trying to scrap steel.  If usable steel pipes make their way to your scrapyard, it might be worth asking some questions or calling authorities in to see where they obtained the steel piping to curtail the rising thefts in workplace.

Written by Katapult Marketing

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