Uses for Culvert Piping

Culvert PipeCulvert piping can be used in a variety of different ways. Mostly, they are used to transfer water and materials as a drain pipe under roads or earth. They can also be used as bridges, too, when they are placed side by side with either earth or rock covering them.

One of the major uses for culverts is to connect wild life to one another. Lots of time roads get in the way of streams and ponds, and a culvert is able to connect the two together. This allows fish, turtles and other wildlife to move somewhat freely, or give them the chance to move around the entire pond or stream with no barrier.

The best thing about culverts is their durability. They’re strong – strong enough to be used as bridges for cars to go over them while also sustaining the earth that’s on top of them. Those that make up bridges, and are over 20 feet long, have to be inspected as part of federal bridge inspection standards.

Culvert pipes can come in smooth round shapes, corrugated, concrete or any other even be shaped into rectangular or squares.

 Right now, there are more than 5 million culverts used in the US. Home owners use them along ditches to move water from one side to another under their driveways.

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