The New Vikings Stadium is 80% U.S. Steel

The United States steel industry is a huge source of our national economy, providing jobs for our country’s people and providing infrastructure for our country’s welfare. The new Vikings Stadium in Twin Cities, Minnesota, will be made from 80% U.S. steel.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has stated that only 3,600 of the 18,000 tons of steel being used to construct the new stadium will be imported. These pieces needed to be shipped in from the Luxembourg-based company, ArcelorMittal, because the high-grade steel necessary for certain roof components could not be found domestically.

That being said, the Authority has also released a statement saying that ArcelorMittal has two firm financial ties to two taconite facilities in the Iron Range. Taconite, which is mined in Northern Minnesota and milled into steel in other parts of the country, is a cog in Minnesota’s economic machine and it’s good to note that ArcelorMittal has a financial stake in the state.

Steel will use $82 million of the proposed construction’s budget, with only $5 million coming from the Luxembourg manufacturer. Former Rep. Tom Rukavina has called the use of foreign steel “sinful,” as he had hoped an “American-made” clause would be put into the initial contracts for the project, back in 2012.

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has acknowledged that the use of foreign steel is “unfortunate,” but necessary in order to improve the bigger economic picture in Minnesota.

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Written by Katapult Marketing

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