The Golden Gate Bridge Is Getting a New Installation of a Moveable Barrier

Steel is revolutionizing fields across the board as it becomes more malleable and efficient. It’s newest application is in the Golden Gate bridge which is getting a new installation of a moveable barrier. It will be 3,500 steel-clad concrete blocks that are attached by steel pins and span the 1.7 mile long highway.

The project will completely reconfigure the six lane highway. Currently, the only thing separating traffic on the bridge are small plastic tubes. The sturdier barrier is projected to drastically decrease the number of head-on collisions on the highway. There have been 128 to date, resulting in 16 deaths since 1970.

The installation will shut down the bridge for 52 hours, the longest that the bridge has been closed since the fiftieth anniversary of its creation in 1987, a scheduled shutdown to celebrate the event. The barriers are modeled after similar blockades used on the Coronado Bridge in San Diego.

The project will cost about $30 million and is the first effort by the board of directors to make the bridge safer this year. In December, a $76 million project was passed to set up a suicide barrier that will be made of stainless steel cable nets. The nets will reach out 20 feet from the Golden Gate bridge. Bids for work are currently under way, with the installation projected to be finished in three years.

Steel is making our world safer. For more information on how steel is being used to make our world better, check back on our blog. And for all of your steel and pipe needs, contact Florida Pipe & Steel today!


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