The Future of American Steel

Not all steel is created equal. The same resources and materials may go into the slag of molten steel but that doesn’t mean all steel ends up the same. Just as you can craft a katana by folding metal or a broadsword by hammering the metal into shape, the way you craft the steel and what you craft it into can change entirely how it is structured and what it can do.

Well, for the past few decades the American steel industry has been entirely focused on the auto world, providing steel for various auto parts and components to cars and not much else. This focus means that the majority of steel being produced in the States is already specialized toward cars and the auto industry, with a small section going toward pipes as well. That makes the direction for the future of American steel quite limited, as it would require entirely different processes and methods of specialization that haven’t been crafted over the years to branch out into other uses of steel.

That means the future of American steel is usually just going to be cars with a few off branches for pipes and other random assortments of steel that aren’t crucial and will likely see replacements. So every innovation for American steel is solely directed toward the auto industry, but where is the auto industry going? Will they still be using steel continually, and if they stop using steel would that mean the total collapse of the American steel industry?

Well that’s actually why the American steel industry has been trying to jump into foreign countries for some time; particularly foreign countries that are just getting behind the automobile craze that America had a few decades ago. China has been a big focus, but unfortunately, since China is one of the top steel producers it makes it a bit hard to become an importer to China for steel. That could mean we will see other nations introduced to cars to the extent that America has been just so the American steel industry can survive with further advancements in the Auto world possibly out-classing steel.

Again, this is all hypothetical, but nonetheless interesting to think about. What do you think?

Written by Katapult Marketing

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