Taking Steel Piping Systems for Granted

We often take for granted the kind of life that our steel piping systems make possible. From sewage removal to fresh water plumbing, there are many basic life conveniences that steel pipe supports, which we sorely miss when any problems arise.

Even in rural areas, one burst pipe can become a trying situation for hundreds of residents. For example, look at this story published by The Courier-Journal about a pipe burst at a wastewater treatment facility in Bullitt County, Kentucky. This issue has greatly impacted water utility services for almost 700 homes and businesses located in the northern parts of this county.

Local government officials responding to the crisis have told those affected by the wastewater plant pipe burst that they should continue to conserve water a few days after the event. The burst pipe caused a great deal of raw sewage to enter fresh waterways, including a tributary of the nearby Brooks Run.

The age of the steel welding in the piping system may have contributed to the break. The wastewater treatment facility where this occurred is 40-years-old. Welding that had held a sewage line in place had cracked and allowed pressure to build to the point where a wall collapsed. Investigators believe that there was little the facility operator, Covered Bridge Utilities, could have done to prevent this issue.

Sewage is still seeping out into Kentucky creeks and waterways as of the time of this writing. Officials believe that once the tide of the sewage has been stemmed, it will still take a week before these waterways, usually open for public recreation, will be safe for residents to use once more.

It’s always important to ensure that your steel piping systems are working at their best capacity. If you suspect that your old facility may need some repairs to its plumbing or other steel pipe systems, call Florida Pipe & Steel. We work on many steel piping projects from around the Sunshine State.


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