More oil, more steel piping

As oil production is starting to improve in North America, so is the production of steel piping.

There used to be a time where all the steel in Northeast Ohio rusted out. The steel plants that once made that area thrive. Well it’s starting to comeback. An article posted on said that steel companies are back investing billions of dollars in steel plants in Youngstown, Lorain, and Canton, catering to the needs of oil companies that will be in need of steel piping.

Citigroup energy analyst Ed Morse told that “The Rust Belt places are undergoing the very beginnings of a massive renaissance of industrial development.”

He also said the thinks domestic oil and gas production could lead to the creation of 600,000 “direct energy jobs and an additional 1.1 million in manufacturing sectors like steel.”

Steel piping is needed for extraction and transport of oil, so there will be plenty of need and count on Florida & Steel for having the best steel piping for sale across the US.

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Written by Katapult Marketing

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