Men and Women of Steel Awards

As steel improves life across all sectors, our industry has taken a moment to celebrate two people who have made significant advancements within it this year. The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) has just awarded the “Men and Women of Steel awards” to two individuals who have brought recognition to our field and bettered their communities and workplaces.

Elizabeth Krear, a chief engineer of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, was awarded the Industry Innovator Award for her work using Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) to achieve a fuel economy of 28mpg, making it the top truck in its performing class. The award was designed to honor members of the auto sector who use AHSS in a revolutionary way.

In addition to the prestige allocated to her, SMDI also donated $5000 to a scholarship fund at Krear’s alma mater, Wayne State University, under her name.

Ron Moore from McKinney, Texas was awarded the Community Hero Award for his use of AHSS in a heroic manner. Moore has been educating first responders and other emergency workers on how to properly cut through machines and parts made of AHSS for years. A retired firefighter from the McKinney Fire Department, Moore has spent the last few years as an expert in the advance vehicle rescue field, conducting seminars and educating the next generation.

Moore was given a $5000 grant to continue his work in extraction techniques along with the title of award-winner by SMDI.

SMDI president, Lawrence W. Kavanaugh, stated that Moore and Krear demonstrate that steel is not just a material, but also a way of enriching and saving lives.

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