Lending a helping hand

After Superstorm Sandy bombarded the New Jersey and New York City area with damage, we got a call from a customer in need of a large steel pipe to be used for an emergency barge spuds to repair bulkheads in New Jersey.

We shipped the 30” OD x .750 wall pipe overnight to make sure it was there the next day to help them repair the bulkheads immediately.

With recent reports of over $71 billion worth of damage to New York and New Jersey, we are glad to help out our customers in the affected areas any way we can. We’ve proven time and time again we can be relied upon for fast delivery of our steel pipes for sale if any kind of natural disaster or other crisis arises.

This was just one of the many situations we’ve helped clients with fast delivery of our quality steel piping. If you or your company finds themselves in a jam or in need of special piping, call us today to see how we can deliver for you!

(Photo courtesy of :www.boatnerd.com)

Written by Katapult Marketing

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