India Imports Increase Due to Steel

With a greater increase in making India more of an urban area, with extensive improvements being made to steel and other foundations, India has come across a major dilemma for themselves. Previously the Indian Prime Minister Narendra had been pushing for more and more things to be made in India so that there could be fewer imports to India and more reliance on the national economy there.

Unfortunately, with more steel pipes and steel foundations being improved, this meant that India could no longer sustain the steel requirements that it needed for all these implementations and improvements. Luckily, its neighbor, China, had plenty of steel for them to pick up. But this leads a troubling problem for India, as it advances more and more with steel improvements, and even steel piping through the country, they will have to rely more and more on places like the excess steel China has, rather than themselves.

This puts India in a problematic situation that the USA actually faced previously. Is it worth it to forgo improvements and advancements into a grander age, simply because your nation doesn’t have enough resources to handle all the improvements that need to be made? Not even the USA could truly figure that out, with many imports still being made, while people still complain that we need more local economy boosts by buying locally.

It could mean India will fall into the same pattern that the United States ran into. Before long, at least, China will have a place to put all the excess steel it had been producing though. For now, India still has not made a full choice as to whether they want to rely on imports, or attempt to build more steel factories to create the supply they need.

For now though, India’s Made in India slogan, might just end up going down the drain, if they don’t figure out something soon, because steel from China is certainly not made in India.



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