A nation is only as strong as its steel

A nation is only as strong as its steel, literally, figuratively, and vice versa.  The country has certainly enjoyed stronger years.

In a report on Steel Guru.com, shipments of steel were down in November in comparison to last year’s numbers.   The decrease in shipments has affected many, if not all, of North American steel service centers.

Steel TubingIn the article “North American steel service center shipments in November down YoY”, Steel Guru reports, “The slowdown in shipments from 2011 levels that has characterized the second half of 2012, resumed in November after a brief pick-up in October.  Inventory to sales ratios deteriorated slightly across the board.” You can read the report here. 

While these numbers may seem disconcerting, there are many extenuating circumstances.  For starters, we were in the midst of an intense and polarizing election.  There tends not to be much growth during such a stressful time.

The nation, however, is on a slow upswing.  The housing market was rather erratic, although there are some signs of growth.  Steel services will feel the effects of positive improvement.  America and steel go hand-in-hand; when one is strong, the other is as equally strong.

Photo Credit: Romania-Insider

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